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I greet all the members of this family which unites the modern education approach with the values from the past. When we look back to the past, we see that we have achieved our aims one by one and now we are heading for new ones.

TED Afyon College’s valued members; there is nothing that cannot be achieved in a school where the teachers, students and parents all unite. Our foundation’s aim is to raise 21st century’s individuals and provide them with the features of our age. Our foundation carries out activities in accordance with this purpose. For us, living with this aim is a responsibility and carrying the torch that was lit by Great Leader Mustafa Kemal Atatürk is a big honour.
In this enlightenment process, we are sure of our success as TED Afyon College Family to reach brighter tomorrows, for productive, developed, and more contemporary Turkey…
TED Afyon College
Son Güncelleme ( Cuma, 07 Ocak 2011 )

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